Special Education

Special Education Policies and Procedures Manual

Itineris Early College High School Child Find

USBE SER §300.109 and §300.111

  1. Consistent with the requirements of Part B of the IDEA and with the Utah State Board of Education Special Education Rules, Itineris Early College High School (hereafter, Itineris) follows policies and procedures to ensure that all students with disabilities enrolled in Itineris, from 10th through 12th grade, regardless of the severity of their disability, and who are in need of special education and related services, are identified, located, and evaluated. Our procedures include practical methods for determining which students are currently receiving needed special education and related services.
  2. Public charter schools are responsible for Child Find for students enrolled in their own schools, and have no responsibility for Child Find for private school students.
  3. Major components of the Child Find system at ITINERIS include:
    • LEA implementation and coordination of Child Find activities within the LEA’s jurisdiction (§300.131).
    • USOE provision of ongoing technical assistance to LEAs (including public charter schools), private schools, and other State agencies in implementing the Child Find system.
    • Implementation of the statewide data collection system for reporting student information, including Federal student count (§300.640-641).
  4. The collection and use of data to meet the requirements of this section are subject to the confidentiality of information provisions under these Rules and in accordance with school policies.
  5. Either a parent or staff member at ITINERIS can initiate a request for initial evaluation to determine if a student is a student with a disability under Part B of the IDEA.
  6. Once consent to test is signed and returned, the special education department has 45 school days to complete testing. Once testing is complete, the special education case manager has 30 days to hold the eligibility meeting. The process takes time and requires as much detail and data collection that the referring staff member can provide. It is also important to discover whether or not a student is struggling due to English being a second language. In such circumstances, additional testing may be required.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding ITINERIS’ Child Find or anything else related to Special Education services, please contact Cara Baker (SPEDCO Consulting), Director of Special Education: spedco.cara@gmail.com