Participation & Involvement

Parent Participation & Engagement Policy

Adopted:         11/28/2011

Revised:          3/29/2019


  1. The Board of Trustees of Itineris Early College High School recognizes that parent/guardian engagement is one of the keys to student academic achievement. When parents/guardians are involved in their student’s education the attitudes, behaviors, and achievements of students are positively enhanced.
  2. Parents/guardians and families provide the primary educational environment for students; consequently, parents/guardians and families are vital and necessary partners with the school in ensuring each student’s success. Thus this Parent and family Engagement Policy was written with input from parents/guardians.
  3. Itineris Early College High School in collaboration with parents/guardians, teachers, students, and staff shall develop and promote evidence-based strategies that:

Establish effective communication between home and school that is used consistently. To communicate effectively both parties must be aware of and address issues of cultural diversity, language barriers, and any other special needs. The school should incorporate these same practices in all school communications with students, parents/guardians, or families. This would mean sending correspondence related to the Parent and Family Engagement Policy in English and Spanish both electronically as well as through the US Postal Service. In addition, the school has instituted a Home Visit program in which parents can request a visit from a team of faculty members as a means to improve the family-school communication and interactions.

  1. Support and encourage positive parenting. The school personnel shall support positive parenting by respecting and affirming the strengths and skills needed by parents to fulfill their role. The school shall provide information about programs and resources within the community that provide needed support services.
  2. Strengthen the parent’s/guardian’s role in the learning process. The school should provide opportunities for the parents/guardians to learn effective ways to support their student’s educational needs; including information about how parents can support student behaviors that are closely related to success in school, i.e., attendance, punctuality, study habits, nutrition, etc.
  3. Invite and welcome parents/guardians as collaborators at school. Parent/guardian collaborators can be powerful tools in advancing student achievement. Parents/guardians shall be invited to a semi-annual Title I information session in the Fall and Spring during parent conference week to collaborate at all educational levels, capitalizing on their expertise, interests, and skills in support of student achievement and school goals. Training should be provided to enhance instructional support skills of any collaborator to support student achievement in the classroom.

Regard parents/guardians as full partners in the educational decision making process affecting their student. The school shall actively seek parent participation in the decision-making process. Additional efforts shall be made to recruit and support participation by parents representing diverse student groups: ELL, Spec. Ed, Gifted &Talented, etc. An annual survey measuring the effectiveness of the Parent and Family Engagement Policy will be conducted each year during the spring parent conferences. The findings of this survey will be used to design strategies for more effective family engagement and revise family engagement policies with input from our parent group.

Enhance learning, strengthen families, and improve the school through school, parent, and community collaboration. Providing all students equal access to quality education is the primary goal of Itineris. It is essential that all partners (parents, students, faculty, staff, and businesses) have the opportunity to provide input and other resources in meeting our shared goal.