Connect Time

Connect Time is the cornerstone of Itineris Early College High School’s commitment to creating a community of learners. As the course name suggests, school connectedness is the impetus behind the design and focus of the instructional efforts. School connectedness is an academic environment in which students believe that adults in the school genuinely care about their learning and care about them as individuals. Students are more likely to succeed when they feel connected to school.

Connect Time is a required course designed around small groups of students (cohorts) that meet weekly with the same teacher and students for an entire school year. Enrollment in Connect Time is required each year. Student input, teacher insight, current educational research, and student achievement shape the course content; however, there are fundamental features of this learning environment that are always present:

    1. Trusted Adults Relationships
    2. Positive & Respectful Student Relationships
    3. Personalized Learning Plans
    4. Shared Leadership (Focus Groups)
    5. Physically & Emotionally Safe Environment
    6. Cooperative Learning
    7. Peer Tutoring/Reciprocal Teaching
    8. High Academic Standards
    9. Problem Solving
    10. Service Projects

Connect Time is a place that inspires, supports, and pushes students to develop their potential.