SLCC Placement Process (formerly Accuplacer)

**SLCC has discontinued use of the Accuplacer for placement testing purposes as of January 25, 2019. SLCC has implemented a new Placement Process.

SLCC’s Placement Process includes computer-based quizzes that measure a student’s English/Reading Comprehension and Math skills.  The results of these quizzes are used to advise in appropriate coursework for student success–such as placement into a math, science, English, and other college-level classes. These quizzes are not timed and can be retaken.

Please see SLCC’s English Placement webpage and Math Placement webpage for more information about these quizzes, including SLCC’s test center locations and hours.  Resources to prepare for the Placement Process, can be found here.

Itineris students are provided an opportunity to take the Placement Process quizzes for the first time at Itineris in the spring of their 9th grade year upon admission to Itineris as a sophomore. Retakes must be taken at SLCC during a student’s free time. There is a charge for retakes and photo I.D. is required. See SLCC’s Placement Process website for more information.