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The Counseling Center is frequently receiving information about scholarships; check this page often for upcoming opportunities. Click on a specific month (found above) to find descriptions of scholarships with a deadline occurring in that month. Whenever possible, a hyperlink to an application will be included in the scholarship description.

Scholarship search engines and websites are another great way to look for unique scholarships or scholarships that have not been advertised through the IECHS Counseling Center. Try these links to access scholarships:

Colleges and Universities have scholarship and financial aid offices to assist incoming students with applications and opportunities to pay for college. Many scholarship applications that are specific to a college or university are available online. Use the following links to access scholarship applications and resources at local institutions of higher education.

Scholarships for Hispanic Students

Scholarship Resources That May Not Inquire about Citizenship Status: scholarships for Hispanic and Latino students scholarships for minority students

Guide to Paying for College for People with Disabilities– Getting a college degree is hard enough, but it presents a different set of challenges for people who have disabilities. If you have a disability, this guide can help you determine how to get financial aid, and access scholarships meant for people with disabilities.

Scholarships for LGBTQ+ Students: LGBTQ students face a variety of obstacles, financial ones included.  They may have less support from their families and more demands on their expenses.  LGBTQ students might also have fewer resources to work with, as some may choose not to fill out the FAFSA because of fears over selecting a gender.

Going to an out of state college? The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is a program through which students in participating states may enroll in designated two-year and four-year institutions and programs in other participating states at a special, reduced tuition level. Tuition for WUE students is the regular in-state tuition plus 50 percent of that amount. In all programs, the cost to WUE students is substantially less than the nonresident tuition. Students do not need to demonstrate financial need to receive the WUE tuition benefit.

Money Saving Pro Blog College Scholarship Guide. Check out this website for tips on the scholarship application process-from preparation, to research, organizing, and applying for scholarships.

Elite Personal Finance Comprehensive Guide to College Scholarships Here at Elite Personal Finance, we’ve written a truly comprehensive guide explaining what scholarships there are, how you can get them, and how any prospective undergraduate student can take advantage of what’s available. That includes current high school students, people who graduated high school or got their GED, and military personnel. This website also includes links to information about credit cards, identity theft, loans, and more!

LendEDU’s Guide to College Scholarships Search for scholarships by brand, by state, by major, for the military, by trait, by race, by religion, by school, by skill, as well as miscellaneous and weird scholarships. This site also includes tips on applying for scholarships and other financial aid information.

Volunteer to increase your scholarship earning potential. Giving back to your community can boost your scholarship resume. If you are looking for local volunteer opportunities, Utah Volunteer Center Association Just Serve, and YouthLinc have opportunities waiting for you.