Plan for College and Career Ready (PCCR)

The Plan for College and Career Ready (PCCR) is a primary strategy for recognizing student accomplishments and strengths for planning, monitoring, and managing education and career development in grades 7-12. This is achieved through an on-going partnership involving students, parents, school counselors, and other school personnel. The PCCR incorporates student information and competencies in the areas of Self-knowledge, Education and Occupation Exploration, and Education, Career, and Life Planning to assist students in establishing educational and personal/life goals and to connect students to activities that will help them achieve their goals.

The Plan for College and Career Ready is an integral part of the Connect Time component of our curriculum and student/parent/teacher conferences that are held each fall and spring.

Counselors also conduct individual PCCR conferences. Parents/Guardians are strongly encouraged to attend their student’s PCCR appointment.

Parents: Access the College and Career Readiness Parent Toolkit