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Campus Culture

At Itineris Early College High School, everyone is interested in student success. Students will never face a problem or difficulty alone, hard work and effort will be rewarded with college credit, and learning will be a cooperative effort delivered through caring relationships. Read Student Testimonials

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Admission Process:

  • Attend an information event.
  • Complete and submit a Student Application by the February deadline.
  • Provide transcripts for all accredited high school course work completed to date.
  • Receive notification of admission status.

Additional Information:

Admission will be granted on a rolling basis at the end of each month (December, January, and February). Each completed application will receive a date and time stamp upon submission. At the end of December, January, and February, admission will be granted to all applicants who have submitted a completed application until the number of available slots have been filled. Once all available positions have been filled, the process will move to a random lottery to be conducted at the end of February.

Each grade is treated as a separate entity regarding the lottery. When one grade level has exceeded the available seats, a random lottery will be held at the end of the current month. Each grade has its own waiting list for available seats after the lottery has taken place.

Any applicant who is not selected in the random lottery (if applicable) will be placed on a waiting list in the order that their lottery number was drawn after the available positions are filled.

Should an opening occur before the school year begins, applicants on the waiting list will be contacted in the order that their lottery number was drawn and will be offered admission.


Applications will be accepted November 1 through the last Friday in February at 4:00 PM with rolling admission.

  • Applications may be submitted online, in person, mailed, emailed, or faxed.
  • Applications submitted prior to the date of acceptance mentioned above will receive no special considerations.
  • Applications for any non-resident of Utah will only be considered after all resident applications have been placed.
  • Itineris is a public charter school open to all Utah students without discrimination and on the same basis as other public schools. Itineris does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, ability, ethnicity, socio-economic status, proficiency in English, or national origin.

Transferring to or from a Charter or District:

Students may transfer to or from another school by following these guidelines if an opening exists for the grade they are entering. Students transferring to Itineris must do so within the first two weeks of a term and make up any missed work to be awarded term credit with attention paid to the term ending dates from the school they are leaving so term credit can be transferred. Transcripts will be evaluated and credited where applicable.

Students transferring out of Itineris may do so at anytime. Term credit will be awarded only upon completion of the term work and generally within two weeks of the ending of the term. In order to withdraw from Itineris, parents must fill out a checkout form obtained from our school registrar. All school and lunch fees need to be paid to Itineris and all books and items that were checked out need to be returned during the checkout process. Itineris does not refund school fees for students who leave our school after the first week of school. Families are encouraged to work with the school that their students is going to so term beginning and ending dates are aligned. It is up to the new school to award credit for terms that are not completed at Itineris.

Students cannot be registered in more than one public school. Any family transferring students to Itineris must fill out and sign the assurance for being registered at one public school and return it to our registrar.